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[October 26, 2014, Sunday 05:30 AM. IST]  
soriT mhlw 5 ]

myrw siqguru rKvwlw hoAw ] Dwir ikpw pRB hwQ dy rwiKAw hir goivdu nvw inroAw ]1] rhwau ] qwpu gieAw pRiB Awip imtwieAw jn kI lwj rKweI ] swDsMgiq qy sB Pl pwey siqgur kY bil jWeI ]1] hlqu plqu pRB dovY svwry hmrw guxu Avguxu n bIcwirAw ] Atl bcnu nwnk gur qyrw sPl kru msqik DwirAw ]2]21]49]

AYqvwr, 10 k`qk (sMmq 546 nwnkSwhI) (AMg: 620)

pMjwbI ivAwiKAw
soriT mhlw 5 ]

hy BweI! myrw gurU (myrw) shweI bixAw hY, (gurU dI Srn dI brkiq nwl) pRBU ny ikrpw kr ky (Awpxy) h`Q dy ky (bwlk hir goibMd ) bcw ilAw hY, (hux bwlk) hir goibMd iblkul rwzI-bwzI ho igAw hY [1[(hy BweI! bwlk hir goibMd dw) qwp lih igAw hY, pRBU ny Awp auqwirAw hY, pRBU ny Awpxy syvk dI ie`zq r`K leI hY [ hy BweI! gurU dI sMgiq qoN (mYN) swry Pl pRwpq kIqy hn, mYN (sdw) gurU qoN (hI) kurbwn jWdw hW [1[(hy BweI jyhVw BI mnu`K pRBU dw p`lw PVI r`Kdw hY, aus dw) ieh lok qy prlok dovyN hI prmwqmw svwr dyNdw hY, AsW jIvW dw koeI gux jW AOgux prmwqmw ic`q ivc nhIN r`Kdw [ hy nwnk! (AwK) hy gurU! qyrw (ieh) bcn kdy tlx vwlw nhIN (ik prmwqmw hI jIv dw lok prlok ivc rwKw hY) [ hy gurU! qUM Awpxw brkiq vwlw h`Q (AsW jIvW dy) m`Qy au~qy r`Kdw hYN [2[21[49[

English Translation :


My True Guru is my Savior and Protector. Showering us with His Mercy and Grace, God extended His Hand, and saved Hargobind, who is now safe and secure. || 1 || Pause || The fever is gone God Himself eradicated it, and preserved the honor of His servant. I have obtained all blessings from the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; I am a sacrifice to the True Guru. || 1 || God has saved me, both here and hereafter. He has not taken my merits and demerits into account. Your Word is eternal, O Guru Nanak; You placed Your Hand of blessing upon my forehead. || 2 || 21 || 49 ||

Sunday, 10th Katak (Samvat 546 Nanakshahi) (Page: 620)

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Photo by: Satpal Singh "Danish"

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