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Sri Amritsar.

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[August 28, 2014, Thursday 05:00 AM. IST]  
slok mฺ 3 ]

haumY ivic jgqu muAw mrdo mrdw jwie ] ijcru ivic dMmu hY iqcru n cyqeI ik krygu AgY jwie ] igAwnI hoie su cyqMnu hoie AigAwnI AMDu kmwie ] nwnk eyQY kmwvY so imlY AgY pwey jwie ]1] mฺ 3 ] Duir KsmY kw hukmu pieAw ivxu siqgur cyiqAw n jwie ] siqguir imilAY AMqir riv rihAw sdw rihAw ilv lwie ] dim dim sdw smwldw dMmu n ibrQw jwie ] jnm mrn kw Bau gieAw jIvn pdvI pwie ] nwnk iehu mrqbw iqs no dyie ijs no ikrpw kry rjwie ]2] pauVI ] Awpy dwnW bIinAw Awpy prDwnW ] Awpy rUp idKwldw Awpy lwie iDAwnW ] Awpy monI vrqdw Awpy kQY igAwnW ] kauVw iksY n lgeI sBnw hI Bwnw ] ausqiq brin n skIAY sd sd kurbwnw ]19]

vIrvwr 12 BwdoN (sMmq 546 nwnkSwhI) (AMg: 555)

pMjwbI ivAwiKAw
slok mฺ 3 ]

sMswr haumY ivc muieAw ipAw hY, in`q (ihTW ihTW) ipAw grkdw hI hY; jd qweIN srIr ivc dm hY, pRBU ƒ Xwd nhIN krdw; (sMswrI jIv haumY ivc rih ky kdy nhIN socdw ik) AgWh drgwh ivc jw ky kIh hwl hovygw [ jo mnu`K igAwnvwn huMdw hY, auh sucyq rihMdw hY qy AigAwnI mnu`K AigAwnqw dw kMm hI krdw hY; hy nwnk! mnu`Kw jnm ivc jo kuJ mnu`K kmweI krdw hY, auho imldI hY, prlok ivc BI jw ky auho imldI hY [1[ DuroN hI pRBU dw hukm cilAw AwauNdw hY ik siqgurU qoN ibnW pRBU ismirAw nhIN jw skdw; siqgurU dy imilAW pRBU mnu`K dy ihrdy ivc v`s pYNdw hY qy mnu`K sdw aus ivc ibrqI joVI r`Kdw hY; suAws suAws aus ƒ cyqdw hY, ie`k BI suAws ^wlI nhIN jWdw; (ies qrHW aus dw) jMmx mrn dw fr mu`k jWdw hY qy aus ƒ (Asl mnu`Kw) jIvn dw mrqbw iml jWdw hY [ hy nwnk! pRBU ieh drjw (Bwv, jIvn-pdvI) aus mnu`K ƒ dyNdw hY ijs qy AwpxI rzw ivc myhr krdw hY [2[ pRBU Awp hI isAwxw hY, Awp hI cqur hY qy Awp hI AwgU hY, Awp hI (Awpxy) rUp ivKwldw hY qy Awp hI ibrqI joVdw hY, Awp hI monDwrI hY qy Awp hI igAwn dIAW g`lW krn vwlw hY, iksy ƒ kOVw nhIN l`gdw (iksy ƒ iksy rMg ivc, iksy ƒ iksy rMg ivc) sBnW ƒ ipAwrw l`gdw hY [ AYsy pRBU qoN mYN sdky hW, aus dy gux ibAwn nhIN kIqy jw skdy [19[

English Translation :


In egotism, the world is dead; it dies and dies, again and again. As long as there is breath in the body, he does not remember God; what will he do when he goes beyond? One who remembers the Lord is spiritually wise; the ignorant act blindly. O Nanak, whatever one does in this world determines what he shall receive in the world beyond. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: It is the pre-ordained Command of the Lord and Master, that one cannot be conscious of Him without the True Guru. Meeting the True Guru, one realizes that the Lord is permeating and pervading deep within; he remains forever absorbed in the Lord’s Love. With each and every breath, he constantly remembers the Lord in meditation; not a single breath passes in vain. The fear of birth and death departs, and one obtains the honored state of eternal life. O Nanak, this rank is bestowed upon those whom He showers with His Mercy. || 2 || PAUREE: He Himself is all-wise and all-knowing; He Himself is supreme. He Himself reveals His form, and He Himself enjoins us to His meditation. He Himself poses as a silent sage, and He Himself speaks spiritual wisdom. He does not seem bitter to anyone; He is pleasing to all. His Praises cannot be described; I am forever and ever a sacrifice to Him. || 19 ||

Thursday 12th Bhaadon (Samvat 546 Nanakshahi) (Page: 555)

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Photo by: Satpal Singh "Danish"

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